Were You Injured By A Defective Or Dangerous Product? We Can Help.

Every year, countless victims are injured ― or even killed ― because of defective and dangerous products, including malfunctioning medical devices, unsafe child and infant products, dangerous household appliances and faulty car parts, just to name a few.

What is particularly tragic about these injuries and deaths is that many of them could have been prevented if these dangerous products had only been adequately tested or properly designed or manufactured ― or if adequate warnings had been placed on the products to warn and protect users from potential dangers.

Whether a product's designer, manufacturer or distributor is to blame for its defects, the dedicated attorneys at SHOOP | A PROFESSIONAL LAW CORPORATION can help you pursue every legal option available if you are ever injured, including a product liability lawsuit.

Act Fast - There Is No Time To Waste
Depending on the statute of limitations, you may be running out of time to bring your product liability claim, so call us toll free at 877-275-8208 for your FREE legal consultation today. We help victims in Los Angeles and throughout California.

The Shoop Difference

While there are several reasons why SHOOP | A PROFESSIONAL LAW CORPORATION should be the first law firm you contact after being injured by a defective product, some of the more important reasons include:

  • Unmatched experience: Not only do our product liability attorneys have more than four decades of combined legal experience, but attorney David Shoop started his legal career as a product defense lawyer ― meaning he understands the strategies the other side will try to use against you. We are truly the pre-eminent product liability law firm.
  • History of success: We have helped many victims of defective products seek the compensation they deserve, including many multimillion-dollar recoveries. This is a level of success few firms can match.
  • Passion: We understand the suffering that accompanies a severe injury, which is why we are so passionate about removing defective products from the marketplace, particularly products that endanger children. We want to help you make sure other families do not have to suffer needlessly because of the same dangerous product.

Our Promise To You: If We Don't Win, You Don't Pay

When manufacturers cut corners, you should not have to be the one who suffers. Call us at 877-275-8208 for your FREE legal consultation. You will not have to pay any attorney fees unless we obtain you a recovery. There is nothing to lose, so contact us today.