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Cochlear N5 Recall Lawyers

The product liability lawyers of SHOOP | A PROFESSIONAL LAW CORPORATION write to advise recipients of failed, cochlear implants that the firm continues to take on new claims and otherwise investigate potential such claims which involve the recalled, Cochlear Nucleus CI512 (N5) implant. There are no other law firms or lawyers in the nation who handle more such claims than attorneys David Shoop and Don Liddy. 

The associated rates of failure involving the subject, N5 device have increased from initial reporting and estimates provided to the United States FDA, and Cochlear is presently attempting to resolve these potential claims with recipients who have suffered device failures before they retain a lawyer or otherwise have an opportunity to seek legal advice. Cochlear is offering a minuscule cash settlement in return for the signature of a recipient on a written release of claims against the manufacturer.

The product liability lawyers at SHOOP | A PROFESSIONAL LAW CORPORATION are advising those who have suffered a device failure to consult with a lawyer experienced in product liability matters prior to signing off on any release with Cochlear.

This is a good reminder that it is always a better practice to speak with an experienced attorney prior to signing a release of any type, and injured victims of these cochlear implants who must endure another unnecessary - and invasive - procedure to remedy the situation are strongly advised to pick up the phone and call our law firm before signing on the dotted line with regard to any such written agreement with Cochlear Americas or Cochlear Ltd.

Our law firm handles claims involving these failed, CI512 Cochlear implants across the nation.
The failure modes of these implants involve variations in the manufacturing (brazing) process which produce tiny cracks in the implants and compromise device integrity. This means that the device allows moisture to enter into it because it fails to achieve a hermetic seal. This condition causes diodes which power the device to short circuit, and the device correspondingly shuts down.

After the device fails due to a breach in hermeticity, the next step usually involves Cochlear's attempt to confirm device failure conclusively by way of an "on-call audiologist." Accordingly, Cochlear will perform an "Integrity Test" of the device in an attempt to determine if the external monitor has ceased communication with the internal device - this process generally serves to confirm if the device is still functioning in any capacity. Cochlear will lastly conduct laboratory testing of an explanted device. Recipients of confirmed, failed devices will be asked to sign a waiver by the company. Again, do not sign any release or settlement agreement with Cochlear - even if they provide any remuneration, services, products or refunds related in any manner to the failed device.

The lawyers at SHOOP | A PROFESSIONAL LAW CORPORATION continue to represent recipients of failed cochlear implants nationally. No other law firm in the country handles more claims involving these N5 devices. Remember - if you or your child has suffered a confirmed failure of a CI512 device, it is important that you DO NOT attempt to negotiate a settlement on your own with Cochlear. It is important that you DO NOT enter into any written settlement agreement with the company for remuneration or product services.

It is important that you DO immediately contact the experienced defective product lawyers at SHOOP | A PROFESSIONAL LAW CORPORATION for a free consultation to discuss your legal rights and for a free medical record review to determine if you have a claim. You will not find a more balanced team of experienced attorneys who genuinely care about their clients and deliver proven results.

We get results. Period.

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