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Cochlear Nucleus Recall Lawyer

The defective product lawyers at SHOOP | A PROFESSIONAL LAW CORPORATION continue to represent consumers nationally with regard to the recalled, Cochlear Nucleus CI512 device. In September of 2011, Cochlear Ltd. initiated its product recall of the world's thinnest hearing implants after several had failed due to issues with device hermeticity. 

The Sydney-based company, which is the world's largest player in the bionic ear market, has publicly stated that the results its internal investigation into the cause of the implant failures is due to a manufacturing defect (a loss of hermeticity in the device from variations in the braze process which joins the feedthrough units to the titanium chassis). These variations in the manufacturing process have caused a number of implants to develop "microcracks" in their braze joints during the final sequence of device manufacture.


No other law firm in the nation handles more Cochlear Nucleus CI512 claims than the defective product specialists at SHOOP | A PROFESSIONAL LAW CORPORATION. Our attorneys have over thirty-years of experience in the successful handling of product liability claims and we have represent consumers both nationally and internationally who have experienced device failures related to this recall.


No other law firm in the nation has handled more Cochlear Nucleus CI512 claims and no other law firm in the nation is as familiar with and understands the issues like we do. We strive to achieve maximum compensation for our clients affected by this recall and we will not stop until we do.


Although Cochlear maintains the N5 associated failure rates are less than 3%, several studies, inclusive of one published on PubMed, 122 implants of the Nucleus N5 CI500 series were tested, yielding nearly a 10% cumulative failure rate. Eighty-two (82) of these N5s were manufactured prior to the date of voluntary recall, and approximately another forty (40) were implanted after the device recall date. Of the 82 devices manufactured prior to the recall date, there were two (2) associated failures, while the forty devices manufactured after the date of recall generated ten (10) such failures. The cumulative failure rate of the Nucleus N5 devices manufactured prior to the voluntary recall was 2.4%, while these failure percentages of devices produced after the date of recall jumped to 25.0% - a near 6-fold increase than the Cochlear's publicly announced failure rates for CI512 implants registered globally. A copy of the study can be found here:


If you have experienced a hard-failure of your Cochlear N5 device, please contact us immediately and do not sign a release with Cochlear, which could diminish your legal rights. Typically, in the event of device failure, Cochlear will have an on-call audiologist perform a series of "Integrity Tests" on the device to determine conclusively if the device has failed.

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