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8 common causes of household fires

While no one ever expects to have to deal with a household fire, the sad reality is that they occur far more often than many people know. In fact, according to the National Fire Protection Association, there were more than 1.3 million fires reported in 2015 alone — meaning fire departments responded to a fire every 23 seconds that year.

This number, while certainly large, isn’t terribly surprising, especially when you consider the countless fire hazards found in many homes. For instance, below are eight common causes of household fires:

  1. Cooking equipment: Simply put, the number one cause of home fires is cooking mishaps. Whether a fire is caused by an unattended open flame, a defective cooking appliance or any other source, kitchen fires can spread quickly and put everyone at risk.
  2. Heating units: Another common source of home fires is heating units, including poorly maintained furnaces and defective/unattended space heaters.
  3. Electrical issues: Never overload outlets as electrical fires are quite common. You also need to be extra careful since faulty wiring can also lead to serious home fires.
  4. Smoking: If you or a family member smokes, consider only doing it outside as cigarette butts have been known to lead to house fires.
  5. Candles: Candles may smell good, but fires can start if you leave them unattended or simply bump them.
  6. Christmas trees: While many wouldn’t consider Christmas tress a fire hazard, they are. Indeed, hot/defective Christmas tree lights cause several fires every holiday season.
  7. Dryers: Whether you have gas or electric clothes dryer, you need to always make sure they are clean and have proper ventilation.
  8. Children playing with fire: Children may think playing with matches is fun, but that will quickly change if they set the house on fire — putting themselves and everyone else at risk. Therefore, you should never let children play with lighters, matches, candles or any other potential fire hazard.

If you or a loved one has suffered a serious burn injury, you may have legal recourse available, particularly if your injures were caused by a defective and/or dangerous household appliance. Contact an experienced attorney today to learn what options may be available.

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