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Some fidget spinners could be a choking and fire hazard

The latest craze to sweep across America is fidget spinners. They are fun devices designed to keep kids focused and entertained. However, parents should be aware of the potential hazard these toys present because there have been a couple instances where bluetooth enabled fidget spinners have burst into flames, as per a report in Time

While standard fidget spinners are decidedly low-tech, some companies are trying to capture the moment by adding additional gadgets to fidget spinners, from connecting to your smartphone to track spins to having built-in speakers and LED lights. 


Are they a fire hazard?

While it is easy to see the appeal of having a fidget spinner that can light up or play music, there have been reports of bluetooth enabled fidget spinners bursting into flames while charging. Several families have reported their bluetooth enabled spinners combusted after charging less than 45 minutes. 

While not yet widespread, it is advised to avoid leaving your bluetooth spinner charging without being present or to leave it charging overnight. And because there are many different manufacturers currently making fidget spinners, the quality of these items may vary widely - meaning some may be more prone to electrical malfunction than others.

Can also be a choking hazard

The majority of fidget spinners remain low-tech and unconnected, and hence not a fire hazard. However, some spinners are small enough to pose a choking hazard for younger children. Parents should keep fidget spinners away from young children whenever possible. As a safety precaution, all manufacturers should clearly label whether the product is appropriate for young children.


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